November 13, 2016

MasterCard chargeback guide

Card networks are distinct in the way they manage the chargeback process. The rules and regulations published by the network for use by merchants also differ from one network to the other. In this case, it would, therefore, be impossible to effectively handle a chargeback if you are not in full comprehension or knowledge of the requirements each card network sets. Regarding this, through this article is some guide in relation to MasterCard Chargeback guide.

Through its definition, the term chargeback can be used to refer to the situation in which a customer doesn't agree with the bill credited to his or her credit card. This can occur due to reasons such as; clerical errors, the dissatisfaction of the customers and fraud.

Stated below are ways that can guide you prevent or evade chargeback. You can start by ensuring that you respond promptly. This is in case any of your requests is retrieved or if you are made aware of any chargebacks. Take advantage of the fact that banks only process the chargeback if you delay in responding to it.

Ensure that any product supplied to your customers is of quality and ensure that you make them, customers, aware of policies governing post returns. Returns given to customers for any services they feel has not been well provided is always a cheap option in comparison to the expensive chargeback.

Always take the option of swiping cards. Also, make sure to get a signature of the card holder. Any business using cards can prevent the occurrence of chargebacks by requesting that the swiping of a card. This is because it becomes easier to prove that the one having the card is the one using it.

Making use of the address verification service would also be another option. The AVS is somewhat of an anti-fraud agent. It works by offering a comparison of the name of the customer, his or her address and zip code to the information present on the file of the company to which the credit card belongs. Any mismatches spotted blow a whistle on the customer while matches confirm the legibility of this customer.

It is important for you to have CVV codes. This requests that customers write three security code digits at the back of their business cards when making online orders. This is in order to establish that the one in possession of the credit hard has not acquired it through illegal means.

Using a MasterCard code that is verified would also be another option. This helps because the program requires that customers their password when purchasing goods online. Communicate with customers on the status the orders they make. This will reduce the chances of disputing the charge.
Adverts made should be honest and truthful. If the customer discovers that the product that was delivered to them was not similar to the one they saw on adverts, there is a probability that they will dispute the transaction.

As we sum up on this, you should also avoid the occurrence of technically based errors to evade occurrence of clerical errors that lead to a chargeback.

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